From Trinkets & Trash to True Utility - How Promotional Supplier Stands Out with Nite Ize

BOULDER, Colo. - Promotional products make up a $22.2 billion industry and, for the sixth consecutive year, sales are on an upward trajectory and the overall business landscape is thriving. Because the cost per impression is lower and more effective than other major marketing efforts, the world's most recognized and respected brands view promotional items as an extremely effective means of marketing. The challenge, however, is finding products that are different and viewed as valuable as opposed to expendable.

After nearly 80 years in business, Compass Industries has discovered the solution to this industry-wide challenge. As a veteran supplier in the promotional products industry, Compass works with Fortune 500 companies to deliver unique, branded products that help build their brands and grow their businesses - products like those made by Nite Ize®.

A Colorado-based company, Nite Ize boasts an impressive tenure designing and manufacturing innovative, solution-based products that enhance user lifestyles. Even among established names like Leatherman Tool Group, MAG-LITE®, Gerber®, PANDORA Jewelry, and iHOME, Nite Ize is one of the top performing brands in the Compass lineup.

"So much of our industry is 'trinkets and trash'- stuff people get and then throw out because it is cheap and useless," Josh Levy said, Co-owner of Compass Industries. "We want to stand out from the crowd so we are looking for innovative and smart products and not something you will see in 100 other companies' lines. Nite Ize products are different and 'cool.' These are products that people will keep for a long time, as opposed to a lot of promotional products that are looked at once and then either thrown out or thrown in a drawer."

Compass' late founder, Werner Levy, met Nite Ize CEO and Founder Rick Case more than ten years ago through the tradeshow circuit; Werner was fond of Case and was impressed with his brilliant and innovative product line. As Case continued to pioneer unique products that made users say, "Why didn't I think of that?" Werner's interest in pursuing a serious business relationship grew and in 2014, their partnership was solidified.

"Most of the time, in the promotional products channel, it takes at least six to 12 months to get serious penetration into the market," Josh Levy said. "When we became serious about working together, Nite Ize products took off right away."

More than 80 percent* of consumers want promotional products that are useful. Too many promotional products are ignored and underrated - most branded pens, chip clips, and stress balls end up in the unkempt, neglected kitchen junk drawer. Nite Ize consistently delivers products that are both convenient and clever - a winning combination for Compass.

Nite Ize accessories are successful promotional items because of their practicality and usefulness in everyday life. Some of the most popular Nite Ize products among companies like Jeep, UPS, Caterpillar, The HISTORY Channel and Exxon Mobil are the DoohicKey® Key Tool, Key-Rack Locker®, S-Biner Ahhh...™ and the Financial Tool™ Multi Tool Wallet. All of which are everyday carry items that offer resourceful features.

"In terms of the usefulness of promotional products, we always sell Nite Ize as products that people will actually keep," Levy said. "We explain people are going to see the DoohicKey or the Key-Rack Locker every day once it's on their key chain. Once you explain that, people agree and realize the opportunity."

Mirroring the same success path as the industry as a whole, Compass has seen impressive sales growth over the last year. "We work with many well-known, large companies," Levy said. "No one is as helpful, responsive and willing to do what needs to be done in order to increase sales. We anticipate growing sales for many years to come."

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About Compass Industries:

Compass Industries is a third generation family business established in 1937 that specializes in selling high-end name brand merchandise to the promotional products industry. Some of their lines include: Nite Ize, Leatherman Tool Group, MAG-LITE, Buck Knives and many more. With a "Five Star" rating in ASI's "ESP" system for overall satisfaction, product quality, communication, delivery, problem resolution and imprinting, Compass is trusted brand in the industry.

About Nite Ize:

Founded on the principles of creativity and innovation, Nite Ize designs, manufactures and distributes solution-based products with quality and performance at their core. Headquartered in Boulder, Colo., the company celebrates its 27th anniversary in 2016 and offers more than 500 innovative products and accessories in six unique categories: mobile, hardware, LED, flashlight, pet and lifestyle. Still captained by its founder and CEO, Rick Case, the Nite Ize team is passionate about their products, their customers, their partners and the environment.

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*According to 2016 Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study done by Advertising Specialty Institute.

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