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Introducing new categorization of the INOVA Series and Radiant Series lights

BOULDER, Colo., Jan. 5, 2017 - When the sun goes down or the lights go out, all flashlights are expected to do one thing - perform. However, consumers evaluate the light output, run time, beam distance, durability and investment of a flashlight differently depending on their intended use. To address the varying needs of the market, Colorado manufacturer Nite Ize® has re-categorized their lighting products to differentiate between the professional user and the everyday adventurer. The INOVA® Series includes high-performance, professional and tactical LED flashlights and accessories while the Radiant® Series represents more practical and value conscience options for everyday use.

"We want people to understand we have solutions for everyone," Rick Case said, Nite Ize Founder and CEO. "Public safety professionals want a flashlight that has impressive run time and beam distance while the occasional weekend camper might make a lighting purchase decision based on their temporary campsite needs. At the same time, the average homeowner thinks about emergency lighting and looks for something that is value-priced and reliable. With the differentiation of the INOVA Series and Radiant Series, we can cater to the needs of various users."

Nite Ize acquired the INOVA brand in 2010 as a brand of market-leading, high performance LED flashlights and adopted the product names and brand look into their existing LED lights and accessories category. Then, in 2016 Nite Ize introduced its own family of lighting solutions with the launch of the Radiant Series in an effort to appeal to those looking for practical lighting. Now, the company has re-organized and re-categorized the two lines to better communicate the difference in features, benefits and uses.

"It makes sense to organize our lighting products this way and officially transition INOVA under the Nite Ize brand," Case said. "We are committed to the lighting business and have been since our start. It's always our mission to offer quality-made lighting solutions that perform. Over the years, as technology would allow, we have evolved our lighting solutions to improve lumen output, battery run time and other features to maximize performance. We have made an investment to not only enhance our lighting products but expand the lines and introduce new products. I am really excited about our innovations for both the Radiant Series and INOVA Series like the INOVA T10R Rechargeable Tactical LED Flashlight + Power Bank. It's an impressive light with unheard of Lumen output, run time and charging capabilities. It definitely sets a standard for high quality and performance which is what we expect from all our products."

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